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Avoid high fuel bills

Make Your Heating Oil Bills More Predictable In The Year Ahead With Bolkema’s EZ Pay Budget Plan!

In today’s crazy world, a little predictability is probably a good thing – especially when it comes to your monthly bills. That’s why Bolkema offers our EZ Pay Budget Plan. Here’s how it works: we’ll divide your estimated annual heating … Continue reading

Five Tips To Prepare For Springtime Power Outages

Spring storms can wreak havoc on your home, causing power outages that can be inconvenient or even dangerous for your family. To protect them and your valuables, follow these guidelines: Have an emergency plan – Keep phone numbers of doctors and … Continue reading

Save Money on Your Cooling Bill with These Energy Efficiency Tips

Hot, sticky Bergen County days and nights are just around the corner – and with it come summer A/C energy bills. Here are some cost-effective tips to keep those bills under control without sacrificing comfort for your family. Seal window … Continue reading

Indoor Air Quality – Why It Matters and How to Improve It

If you’re like the average person, you inhale about 15,000 quarts of air per day and spend nearly 90 percent of your time indoors. That’s important information to keep in mind, considering that: Indoor air can be two to 100 … Continue reading

Take Care of Your Trucks and Commercial Equipment with Quality Replacement Filters, Lubricants, and Other Products from Bolkema

Spring is on the way – which means it’s a great time to take care of the trucks and equipment that keep your business up, running, and productive throughout the year. Trucks can take a beating over the winter, so … Continue reading

Help – I Have No Heat!

When your heat goes out, don’t worry – Bolkema has you covered, with expert technicians available 24/7 throughout Bergen Country and the rest of our service area. But sometimes your heat goes out for a reason you can fix yourself. … Continue reading

Need a Reliable Supply of Winter-Ready Diesel Fuel? Bolkema Has You Covered

You’re ready for winter – but is your diesel fuel? Not all diesel fuels are created equal. Left untreated, diesel will thicken in the cold weather, plugging fuel filters and causing problems in your engines and other machinery – especially … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

As the days get colder, air gets dryer – including the air inside your home. That leaves you with three choices – slather on the moisturizer, deal with dry skin and respiratory issues, or change the level of moisture in … Continue reading

Four Ways to Cut Energy Bills from Your Water Heater

If you’re like the average homeowner in the US, you use about 65 gallons of hot water every day to wash your clothes, your dishes, and yourself. It’s no wonder, then, that water heating accounts for more than 20 percent … Continue reading

Four Ways to Reduce Stress This Heating Oil Season

Fall’s on the way – and with it comes the stress of the home heating season. But Bolkema can help you cope with that stress thanks to programs and services that will make your equipment more reliable and your bills … Continue reading