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How Does An EZ Pay Budget Plan Work?

Predictability can be a good thing – especially when it comes to bill paying (and especially these days). That’s why Bolkema Fuel Company offers an EZ Pay Budget Plan for our northern New Jersey neighbors. With EZ Pay, you’ll know … Continue reading

SpacePak Cooling Systems: Quiet, Efficient, And Easy To Install

With temperatures expected to be higher than average this summer and most of us spending more time at home than usual, installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system in our new or remodeled home becomes an important decision. It can also … Continue reading

Save On Your Energy Bill This Season And Next: 8 Tips

Social distancing is keeping us home more than usual this spring, and as we head toward warmer days here in northern New Jersey, it’s uncertain how long that’s going to continue. Soon enough, we’re going to be running our home … Continue reading

New Heating Oil Tank: How Do I Choose?

You probably don’t think about your heating oil tank very often – until it’s time to replace it. When that time comes, one of the factors you’ll need to consider is size, or capacity. So just how big a heating … Continue reading

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance: It’s That Time Again!

A brief glance at the calendar reminds us that spring is less than two weeks away – before you know it, temperatures will be rising here in northern NJ and it will be time to set your programmable thermostat to … Continue reading

Is Your Propane Backup Generator Ready For Severe Weather?

Mother Nature can be pretty unpredictable, and one of the best ways to cope with her capricious ways is to invest in a whole house propane generator – an appliance that can help you avoid, or at least minimize, the potentially … Continue reading

How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality This Winter?

We spend a lot of time indoors in winter, holing up in our cozy, airtight homes as frigid northern NJ winter air passes us safely by. But could the air in our cozy homes also be making us sick? Today’s … Continue reading

How should I prepare my generator for winter?

When it comes to providing peace of mind, few home comfort appliances can compete with a whole house generator – but that’s true only if your generator works reliably when you need it most. To make sure your generator answers … Continue reading

How much heating oil will I need this heating season?

“How much heating oil will I need” is a question that enters the minds of many homeowners this time of year, especially once temperatures in northern New Jersey start to take their annual dive some time around the holidays. The … Continue reading

What Is Better, Forced Air or Radiant Heat?

How you heat your home has a big impact on how much you pay to heat your home – and how comfortable you will feel in your living space. But how do you choose among your many options if you’re … Continue reading