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Finding the Right Oil Dealer

Your Go-To Choice in Sussex, Bergen, Passaic, and Bergen Counties! There’s a reason that homeowners in northern New Jersey and western Orange and Rockland Counties in New York choose Bolkema as their heating oil provider. They know they can trust … Continue reading

Heating Oil vs. Natural Gas for Home Heating

Get Familiar with Two Popular Home Heating Fuels Choosing the fuel that you use to heat your home is an important one—and unlike switching your internet or mobile phone service provider, you can’t flip back and forth easily between heating … Continue reading

Common A/C Problems & When To Call in a Pro

Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer Season! Summer can be gorgeous in northern New Jersey, but when the humidity kicks in, it can be brutal. If your air conditioning system just isn’t doing the job, follow these troubleshooting steps. Solutions … Continue reading

Does Your Home Insurance Cover a Heating Oil Spill?

Prevent Heating Oil Tank Troubles to Protect Your Financial Security Last September, when the remnants of Hurricane Ida whipped through the northeast region, epic flooding caused heating oil tanks to fail and spill in many homes. While FEMA stepped in … Continue reading

Your Source for Commercial Lubricants

Need Oils or Lubricants? We’ve Got It All! There are countless reasons Bolkema is considered the go-to resource for industrial and commercial lubricants in New Jersey and lower New York State. We carry top lines of oil and grease for … Continue reading

Your Energy Choices Matter More Than Ever

Electricity Is Not the Greenest Choice Available There’s a lot of talk about energy these days. Right now, news about the cost of fuel—whether it’s to run your car or heat your home—is drowning out a lot of other conversations. … Continue reading

How To Sniff Out Potential Furnace Problems

Diagnose Heating Issues Before They Happen! Winters in the home stretch here in Lower New York State and Northern New Jersey. If you take care of your heating equipment with regular maintenance, it should be doing a good job of … Continue reading

For Commercial Fueling Needs, Bolkema Does It All!

We’re the Top Choice for Commercial Fuels in New Jersey and Lower New York There are so many reasons Bolkema is the number one choice for commercial fueling solutions here in Northern New Jersey, as well as Orange and Rockland … Continue reading

The Recent Evolution of Heating Oil

Did You Know the Oil in Your Tank Burns Cleaner Than Ever? What do you picture when you think of heating oil? For a lot of people, an image of thick, black, toxic sludge comes to mind. FYI—That’s an outdated … Continue reading

What Are the Typical Costs of Heating Repairs?

Enrolling in a Heating System Service Plan Can Protect Your Home—and Wallet! Frigid winter temperatures can really give home heating equipment a workout—and we’re not immune to the polar vortex here in Northern New Jersey and Lower New York State. … Continue reading