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Backup Home Generators Sales & Installations

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A bad snow or ice storm can leave you without power for days, and summer thunderstorms can down lines and knock out electricity again. A backup generator can keep your lights on and your refrigerator, furnace and a/c running until the utility company gets the lines back up.

Generac Generator

Have lasting power… and peace of mind!

A standby generator, like a Generac, runs on propane, so you’ll have a reliable source of fuel that can help you power through winter’s worst. Other features include:

  • Starts automatically within seconds of a power failure.
  • Has low emissions, high efficiency.
  • Has quiet operation.
  • Cheaper to run—propane costs less than gasoline.

We offer competitive prices and sell and install a range of models, as well as provide generator repair service. For more information, contact us or call 201-891-1000.