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Oil Tank Insurance

Protect Yourself from Costly Oil Tank Leaks

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An oil-tank leak can be very expensive. Those expenses are even higher if the tank is underground. Since most homeowner’s insurance does not cover oil-tank replacement, having heating-oil-tank protection can give you peace of mind should your tank ever have a problem.

Oil tank insurance with ProGaurd.

Get Peace of Mind

We offer ProGuard, a clean-up and protection plan specifically for residential oil-storage tanks. ProGuard coverage defrays clean-up costs, as well as soil remediation and site restoration up to $100,000 for an underground tank, and provides between $1,400 and $2,000 for tank replacement.


  • Easy transfer to a new owner
  • Aboveground and underground tanks
  • Tank replacement or repair
  • A moderate annual fee

Nothing beats good maintenance to prevent problems before they happen, but oil-tank insurance can help you feel secure in the event your tank develops a leak.

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